"I am not a yoga person. I still had a GREAT time. Anyone looking to get some fresh air, enjoy the trees and relax would LOVE this venue. Coming thru Wakefield and driving the picturesque countryside was a great introduction. After being shown around the property, I decided to take a kayak out on the lake. The lake was beautiful… there was not a soul around… I stayed in a cabin with a loft so was overjoyed to be able to lie in bed and look out into the forest. I saw a pair of white-tailed deer literally 10ft away. Bedding was fresh, cabin was clean and lots of extra blankets. The outhouse was fresh, clean and almost ZERO odour. The indoor facilities were spa-like and pristine. I enjoyed coffee on the porch in the morning watching the rain fall on the lake. There was a generous spread of breakfast available. The only "cons" that I can think of aren't really cons for me, but someone else may think so. Phone reception was poor, same with wifi." - Meghan

"Spacious and tranquil. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a few days to get away from it all. The cabin we stayed in was big enough for 2 (could fit probably a big family if needed), and was clean and neat. John was very kind and considerate and heated the sauna indoors for us while we were on our hike. He heated the cabin prior to our arrival, and let us know that the house would be unlocked all night if we needed anything (there are outhouses, but if we wanted to use indoor facilities, the option is there).

"A great place to connect with nature -- plenty of space to go hiking; there is a lake, multiple fire pits, places to play outdoor sports, or relax in a hammock, or do yoga. The food is strictly vegetarian/vegan - even the dog Poppy is a vegetarian. We felt very relaxed and would definitely come back. The property is safe and secluded, and you instantly feel relaxed and comforted by all the green space and nature." - Evan