Chris’s yoga journey started around 2007, when Chris was going through a difficult period and a close friend brought him to hot yoga class.  From then on, yoga has been part of his life, and his journey has helped him grow stronger, more flexible and more confident, both on and off the mat. Chris completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training with Smiths Falls Yoga and Wellness Centre. The training furthered his yoga knowledge, and has deepened his practice. Chris also works as a mental health counsellor. Having an academic background in psychology and psychotherapy has enhanced how he teaches yoga, especially with students who are coping with various mental health issues. In his classes, Chris aims to balance pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (poses) in a way that allows students to discover their own connection to yoga, and also gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves in an environment that is peaceful and free from judgement. Yoga is a gift that inspires Chris to live each moment more mindfully and with balance. Ultimately Chris hopes to share this gift with his students.


Yoga Instructor