Our Team

Billie Lynn Hillis Co-Founder | Director | 500hr RYT, KYT & KYT for Addictions | MMCT (Mindfulness Meditation Certified Teacher) | Certified Reiki & Sound Therapist | Self-Enquiry Mentor

Billie (Jugat Joti Kaur) is a 500hr RYT, KYT & KYT for Addictions who has been teaching for 15+ years, trained in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha and Yin Yoga as well as Yoga for Addictions. She is passionate about Yoga, Mindfulness, Energy and Sound Healing and is a MMCT (Mindfulness Meditation Certified Teacher), Certified Reiki & Sound Therapist as well as a Self-Enquiry Mentor. As the Co-Founder & Director of Gaia Wellness Retreat, Billie has a vision of providing clients and guests with a truly peaceful experience in the beauty of protected nature, honouring our human need to rest and heal. Gaia Wellness is passionate about inspiring our guests on their journey towards personal freedom.   Billie is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, Billie weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large.  Billie is available at Gaia Wellness Retreat or in Ottawa and Wakefield areas for  Private Consultations Meditation/Self-Enquiry Coaching  Meditation &Yoga Class Instruction Reiki  Sound Healing  Chakra Balancing Bio-Tuning Private Yoga Sessions  (Incorporating Sound & Energy Healing) Please contact her at billie@gaiawellnessretreat.com to schedule an appointment.

John Armstrong Co-Founder | Culinary Director | Vegan/Vegetarian Chef | Corporate Programming

John is a graduate of Carleton University with a BA Honours in Social Science. In addition to academic studies, he was introduced to Buddhist meditation practices in the mid 1980s and has been following this spiritual path since. Over the course of his career in consultation, management and quality assurance John has succeeded in evolving and developing business models while maintaining a strong client service based structure. His primary interest is in combining client experience with enhanced customer service in a stimulating and rewarding environment From 2003-2017 he has been self employed as owner/operator of two restaurants - co-founder TRIO Bistro (Westboro) and founder JAKS Kitchen (Centretown). He possesses 20+ years of experience in business development, communications, marketing, recruitment, training and team leadership. He is comfortable with public speaking in both French and English and has substantial experience in developing and delivering training sessions to adults and youth.  

Lori Morrison B&B Manager/Senior Yoga Instructor/Youth-Family Programming

Lori is a Registered Yoga Teacher 235+ registered with Yoga Alliance, she has 60+ hours of specialized Children’s yoga teacher training. With a background in psychology and early childhood education she has a passion for introducing children to yoga and fostering movement, body awareness and creativity. Lori offers classes for children, families, prenatal and restorative classes. With her background and her personality, she offers a whimsy and lightness to her classes. There is always room for humour and after one of Lori’s classes participants walk away feeling restored and rejuvenated. Lori’s training includes Yanumoja Yoga through Energies of Aliveness, Little Feet Yoga and Club Yoga. She is also a certified Doula and offers pre-natal care and wellness including pre-natal yoga classes.


Destini Broom One-to-One Sessions | Workshops | Retreats

Destini has been walking a path of awakening for over 20 years. Weaving consciousness studies with the practicalities of daily life, she has been deepening her understanding of energy and the capacity to feel and experience it, transform and transmute it, and create with conscious awareness. As a facilitator she incorporates years of studies in Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhism, Native American and Earth-based teachings, Shamanism, Energy as Medicine, Yoga and Meditation, Kundalini Energy, Mysticism and a deepening Spirituality into her one-to-one sessions, workshops and retreats. The essence of her approach is based on a compassionate understanding of the sacred interconnectedness of all life. Destini is available at Gaia Wellness Retreat or through her home-based practice, and you can reach her directly at connect@destinibroom.ca.

Andrea Prazmowski Nature Programming Co-ordinator

Andrea Prazmowski is a Forest Therapy Guide, certified with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs, based in Santa Rosa, California. Andrea creates opportunities for people to connect more deeply with the natural world and, often, to re-awaken wonder and see with a new perspective. She is a certified Hike Leader with Hike Ontario, and is trained in Wilderness First Aid. She is a writer and a skilled facilitator who has studied Permaculture Design and Reiki and has practiced yoga for 15+ years.

Jerome Giovinazzo Yoga | Meditation Instructor | One-on-One Sessions

Jerome Giovinazzo: a long-time practitioner & instructor of meditation & yoga, brings joy, sincerity and humour into his classes. Although formally trained in Tibetan Buddhism, Jerome's approach to meditation & yoga is one which is accessible to everyone. Having recently completed a 2 year solitary yoga & meditation retreat, Jerome realized the power of going inwards, one which enables each of us to create the change we desire in our world.

Brittany Smith Corporate Yoga Instructor

Brittany is a lover of all things yoga. The study, the practice, and the teachings of yoga have offered her the most challenging and yet rewarding adventure she has ever undertaken!  She came to yoga as a self-described desk-jockey looking for ways to reduce stress and get exercise, drawn to the beauty of the physical asana, and discovered that she would leave each class feeling as if the universe was aligned in time with every footstep!

Seeking ways to sustain and deepen the benefits of the practice, in 2013 she completed her 200hour teacher training in the UK. Now, after years of study, practice, and deeper self-inquiry, her practice has changed into a study of the connection between breath, movement and stillness: what she likes to call the trifecta of self-inquiry.

Brittany has taught all over the world, from the UK to the jungles of Thailand. Her classes offer insight into anatomical alignment and functions, ways of using the breath to deepen the mind-body connection, and elements of mindfulness movement and meditation, creating a practice that will ignite the magic within you to create space, change, and overflowing abundance of love not only for yourself but for every being. 

“I truly believe that yoga has the ability to change lives, and that is why I teach,” says Brittany.

Ivory Vanveen Health & Wellness Practitioner | 200hr RYT

Ivory is a health/wellness practitioner. She has a 200 hour Ontario Yoga Certification; as well as, a 200 hour Traditional Sivananda Yoga Certification. She is a graduate of Algonquin College's Health/Fitness Promotions Program and a Personal Trainer. Over the last 2 years she has spent 6 months at the Sivananda Ashram deeping her own practice through traditional yogic practices of: asana, pranayama, meditation, and karma yoga.  Her classes focus on guiding you inwards to a place where you can just be. You can stay up to date with all of her latest offerings at Ivoryvanveen.com

Grace & Paymun Shamanic Practitioners | Yoga & Meditation Instructors | Managers

White Owl | Grace & Paymun

White Owl is a sacred union of the feminine and the masculine working together as one to bring balance, healing and connection to all beings in all walks of life. Grace and Paymun come from a shamanic inter-tribal lineage which works toward the education and preservation of sacred arts, knowledge, and ceremonial traditions of the world. 

White Owl works on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to promote holistic wellness. Our offerings include elements of music, movement, art, traditional practices and medicines, and address such areas as depression, addictions, traumas, illnesses, relationships, spiritual connection, manifestation, fertility, creativity, life vision, and all areas of life.