Are you running on empty?

Between your family, your business and everything else in your life,
do you feel as though you are running out of steam?

Today’s world requires A LOT from women. We are expected to ‘do it all’ and somehow keep our sanity in the process.
With so much on the go, we end up sacrificing our own needs for the sake of our business and family.

This retreat is all about changing that.

Join us as we not only help you hit that reset button, but we show you how to stay charged even after you go home.

In reality most women struggle to make the amount of money they desire in their businesses.

The biggest issue is that most women spend their time on the ‘busy work’, and not on the work that actually attracts new clients and customers.

You can spend every waking hour working on your business, but if you aren’t doing the FEW right tasks, you’ll never get the results you want.

We have worked with women who went from overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out in their businesses, to making more money than they ever have, while also having more time for their family, friends and most importantly, themselves. We want the same thing for you!

You can have the business, career and life you’ve dreamed of, without having to sacrifice yourself in the process.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our business and career is to slow down, take a step back and look at things with fresh eyes.

Are you in need of an escape? 

One that not only gives you the rest and relaxation that you need, but also the tools and strategies to create a life where you can be there for your family, continue to grow or maintain your business and most importantly still have time for yourself? Then this retreat is for you.

Our main mission during this retreat is to give back to women like you, who give so much to others. Whether that be at home, in your community, in your business, or anywhere else, we see all the hard work you put into making others’ lives better, and now it is your turn to be on the receiving end of all of that.

We understand that achieving ‘balance’ can seem like this elusive concept that you’re always seeking but never finding. We aren’t going to help you ‘find balance’ because that isn’t realistic.

Our mission is to help you find that ‘counter – balance’, so that you are able to still give to others, but are also able to give to yourself. We will show you how to support your family, build your business, live your life AND still have time for yourself.

When strong, motivated women come together, with an authentic journey to do and be better, the energy will resonate to the universe and we will create a happier, healthier collective. We want you to be a part of that journey.

What you can expect:

2½ days fully dedicated to you. We have combined the perfect amount of rest, relaxation fun, and coaching to help you fully tap into all that you are able to be. Often when we take a moment to be still and reflect, we are able to breakthrough our biggest barriers. This weekend is meant to give you the space you need to reconnect with yourself, your ideas, your dreams and help you then take action on those things.

Getting away for a weekend is necessary, but we also want you to be able to take all that you experience and learn back home. Our goal is for you to leave this weekend ready to reclaim the space in your life that is actually for you.


What is included:

  • Semi Private accommodation (limited private accommodation is available please email us if you’re interested)
  • Freshly prepared, soul nurturing, delicious vegetarian meals and snacks – even if you’re a meat eater, your stomach and taste buds will be full and happy! (Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch)
  • 70 acres of nature to explore
  • Access to the Centre’s private and beautiful waterfront
  • Access to canoes, if you want to have a quiet paddle (or one with a friend)
  • Access to Natural wood burning sauna
  • Hammocks, screened in porches, and a big outdoor bonfire just waiting for you!
  • Yoga classes, including morning AND night routines
  • Guided meditation and journaling prompts
  • Group coaching sessions
  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions
  • Strategies and tools to better your business and life
  • Professional archery lesson and exercises (bow, arrows and targets included)
  • And much more!


  • July 20th- 22nd 2018 at Gaia Wellness Retreat (50 mins from downtown Ottawa, 20 mins north of Wakefield, QC)
  • Early Bird cost $995.00 + HST (savings of $200) per person open until May 30th
  • Regular price $1195 + HST per person
  • Payment Plan Available:
    4 instalments of $275 + HST (Early Bird)
    4 instalments of $325 + HST (Regular)


**Because this is a business related retreat, it is tax deductible!**
**ONLY 16 available spots so book now to secure your spot!**

  • Retreat Name Business with Pleasure Retreat
  • Type
  • Date July 20-22, 2018
  • Cost Early Bird cost $995.00 + HST (savings of $200) per person open until May 30th Regular price $1195 + HST per person Payment Plan Available: 4 instalments of $275 + HST (Early Bird) 4 instalments of $325 + HST (Regular)